Electroacupuncture Serving Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and the Denver Metro

Looking for Electroacupuncture near you? Robert Ogarek is one of the top Acupuncturists in Denver and has extensive experience utilizing electrical stimulation to further target what is ailing you. An electroacupuncture treatment uses the same principals as acupuncture, but with an added low-voltage electrical component.

Acupuncture, in general, is used by many people who experience pain, swelling, or discomfort in various locations in the body. It works by balancing a person’s energy flow throughout the body known as qi (pronounced “chee”) so that the mind and body can operate at their best. With the addition of electrical stimulation, an acupuncture treatment can yield even more powerful results for some clients.

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How Electrical Stimulation Works with Acupuncture

When more in-depth and targeted treatments are needed to reach and affect your energy flow more fully, electrical stimulation can be utilized. This is done by attaching electrical components to some of the acupuncture needles used on your body. Upon activating the needles with the electrical current, they resonate into your tissue and muscles for a deeper treatment. Rather than stimulating the needles by hand, our acupuncturist can control the electrical frequency that is attached to the needles very precisely and more deeply affect your qi.

An advantage of electroacupuncture is that with an electrical current running through the needles, the practitioner can stimulate a larger area than with the needle alone. This means that the needle doesn’t have to be as precise to ensure the desired area will be affected. Additionally, with the use of an electric current, the time needed for a full treatment is shorter. The needles are being stimulated throughout the entire treatment, creating the constant stimulus recommended by many expert Chinese acupuncturists.

Find out if Electrical Stimulation and Acupuncture Treatments Are Right For You

During your first appointment, our acupuncturist will perform a full-body health evaluation to determine a baseline for your treatment. Then, we will delve into the exact methods and modalities that would help center your qi, balance your energy flows, and leave you feeling and operating at your best.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Electroacupuncture?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, when your qi is not flowing properly within your body, it causes illness. When there is an accumulation of qi in one area, it may manifest as chronic pain in that area, or refer pain to other areas of the body. There have been a variety of successful studies conducted in the United States regarding the efficacy of electroacupuncture on a variety of conditions ranging from arthritis to acute nausea.

This form of acupuncture is used to help to address deeper seated issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Joint tightness
  • Gastric issues
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Heart problems
  • Aging issues
  • Women’s health

What Does Electroacupuncture Feel Like?

Electroacupuncture does not cause any pain for patients; however, they may experience a tingling sensation during the treatment (similar to using a TENS unit). This is caused by the electric current being applied to the needles. Most patients do not feel any tingling because the current is not typically strong enough to cause muscle contractions or spasms. It is possible that patients may see faint marks on the skin where a needle was inserted, but often it is undetectable because the needles are very small and placement is very gentle and precise.

Can Anyone use Electroacupuncture?

For patients who have a health history involving epilepsy, seizures, stroke, heart disease, or patients who have pacemakers, it is recommended to speak with your primary care physician regarding possible complications first and discuss any health concerns you have with your acupuncture practitioner.

Is Electroacupuncture Right for You?

During your first appointment, our acupuncturist will perform a full-body assessment and health history to determine a baseline for your treatment. We will discuss your concerns and the results you wish to see from the treatment. Then, we will discuss and explore the exact methods and modalities that would help balance your energy flows, center your qi, and leave you feeling and operating at your best. Your practitioner will walk you through the process and clear up and questions or concerns you may have along the way. We want you to create a positive experience by ensuring you are as comfortable and informed as possible.

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