Cupping Treatments Serving Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and the Denver Metro

Like acupuncture, cupping is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years. Cupping involves the use of either a glass or plastic cup placed on the skin. A vacuum gets produced beneath the cup by the application of heat or by a pump. When the cup is applied to the skin’s surface, the suction created by the vacuum aids in pulling out toxic buildup from the muscle tissue. This process can be very effective, especially in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment.

At Lotus Studio Acupuncture, we strive for whole-body balance and health. We combine acupuncture with cupping and other treatments to ensure that you feel your best. To discuss cupping treatments and acupuncture with our team, please contact us today at 303-882-6169. We are thrilled to help those interested in cupping in Denver, Arvada, and the Wheat Ridge areas.

How Cupping Treatments Work

Heated glass or plastic cups are placed on specific points on your body. The heat beneath the cups creates a vacuum and causes the cups to suction to your skin. The suction draws your skin, muscle, and fascia into the cup while pulling stagnant blood, and the toxins within it, to the surface. This encourages your body to refresh the area with healthy, oxygenated blood. Cupping therapy also allows the blood to circulate more freely and to nourish the body’s tissues more efficiently. As pathogenic toxins are released from the underlying tissues and brought to the surface of the skin, the body is then able to eliminate them much more efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping?

Cupping has a variety of benefits. The main one we tend to discuss is the promotion of blood circulation and the release of toxins. This can help promote the recovery of muscles in a way other therapies cannot using negative pressure from the suction. When tension and toxins are built up in the muscle it can cause both physical and emotional stress. Many clients who choose to use cupping therapy find relief from these symptoms.

Additionally, cupping enhances general circulation, allows tissue to soften and regain elasticity, and also aid in the reduction of inflammation. Often this modality is used to aid in reducing pain, spasms, and knots in the muscles. Cupping can also be used for the treatment of headaches, musculoskeletal pain, common colds, the flu, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. If there is a symptom not listed here that you are experiencing, ask us how cupping might be able to help.

Why Cupping After Acupuncture?

At Lotus Studio Acupuncture we take the time to discuss your needs and determine the results you wish to achieve with our therapies. We want you to feel your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have seen that for many people, acupuncture in combination with other therapies is a great way to achieve this. Cupping is an excellent complement to acupuncture treatment, and many of our clients choose these methods to help them heal.

Through acupuncture, we will determine the areas of your body where energy isn’t flowing properly and then rejuvenate these energy centers to achieve optimal functionality. Once the energy is flowing well, the body is in a state in which it is ready to release toxins, allowing the cupping to be more effective. Through the cupping process, these toxins will be drawn to the surface of the skin where each cup is placed, allowing your body to more easily release the toxins. Then, only rejuvenated and fresh blood will move through your cleansed energy centers for whole body health.

Does Cupping Hurt?

Many people are familiar with the marks left by cupping as seen on the body of Olympic gold medalist Micheal Phelps during the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. It has to hurt right? The answer is no; cupping is generally painless during and after treatment. It is true that cupping treatments may cause light bruising of the skin due to the nature of the treatment, but these bruises do not hurt and usually go away a couple of days after the treatment.

Cupping can be performed on a specific area of the body and left there for a more extended period to draw out the maximum amount of blood, but can also be spread around in a massage-like manner, making it most comfortable for clients. It may still leave behind red marks where the cups were placed, but our acupuncturist will tailor your treatment to your desires and leave as few red marks as possible if that appeals to you. During your treatment, you can always communicate with your acupuncturist about your comfort level and how you are feeling.

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Here in the communities of Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Denver, cupping has become a popular therapy alongside acupuncture, gua sha, and tui na. If you’d like to discuss how acupuncture and cupping treatments can help you, please contact Lotus Studio Acupuncture today by calling 303-882-6169.