How to Prepare For Your Acupuncture Treatment

How to Prepare For Your Acupuncture Treatment

If you were about to go into surgery you would have likely received strict instructions from your doctor to prepare for your surgery. Well as you prepare for your Acupuncture treatment there are some Do’s and Don’t’s that will maximize its effectiveness.

Tip #1 Do Not Consume a Large Meal Before or After Your Acupuncture Treatment

We all know the sluggishness that follows a large meal. Your body is forced to throw it’s resources towards digesting that food thus taking away resources from other parts of your body. We don’t want this, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time before heading to your acupuncture session.

tip #2 avoid exercising before your acupuncture treatmentTip #2 Avoid Exercising 6 Hours Before Your Acupuncture Treatment

When you workout you are depleting your resources along with introducing lactic acid to your muscles. While exercise is obviously great for you, it will lessen the effects of your acupuncture treatment.

Tip #3 Avoid Alcohol 6 Hours Before Your Acupuncture Treatment

Ultimately, you need to be really aware of how you feel during your acupuncture session. Alcohol will inhibit this awareness and ultimately make you feel numb. Not what we want.

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Tip #4 Do Not Consume Coffee the Day of Your Acupuncture Treatment

Coffee is a stimulant and has the tendency to kick your sympathetic nerve activity into overdrive. This, of course, has the tendency to put your body into flight or fight mode. We are looking for the opposite effect during treatments so hold off on the coffee for just one day!

Tip #5 Keep a Log Before and After Your Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a funny thing and the effects sometimes aren’t noticed until your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th treatment. Regardless, you should always write down how you feel before and after treatments. This log can be very helpful to your acupuncturist who can modify treatments in the future.

acupuncturist denver coloradoTip #6 Supplement With Chinese Herbal Medicine

Your Acupuncturist may recommend taking Chinese Herbal Medicine to help with treatments depending on what is ailing you. Remember to take these consistently as recommended by your acupuncturist. However, if you are taking any over the counter prescriptions, do consult with both your acupuncturist and doctor before proceeding with the herbal regiment.

Now that you are fully prepared for your Acupuncture session the most important thing once you get there is to relax! If you are anxious or nervous, don’t hesitate to tell your acupuncturist. We realize it took some research and guts to even try out acupuncture but as many find out the needles don’t even hurt and the treatment is incredibly relaxing. Most clients meditate or sleep while the needles work their magic.

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