How Acupuncture Helps Treat Menstrual Pain

How Acupuncture Helps Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Acupuncture works by stimulating the self-healing process of the body. This is accomplished by the insertion of filament needles into acupuncture points stimulating qi/energy. When qi is balanced and flowing freely, the body’s natural self-healing abilities are activated, enabling internal stability and harmony to occur. The body will flourish, and true health and well-being can be achieved.

Qi is the vital energy in all living things. From the tallest tree to the smallest cell

Qi provides the power to accomplish everyday activities. It is necessary for growth, development, movement, maintenance of body temperature, protection against illness and disease, and overall regulation of the body. Our health is influenced by the quality, quantity, and balance of qi.

Blood gives the body the nutritional substance to carry out body functions. Blood is considered the “Mother of Qi”

The relationship between the qi and blood in Menstruation

The Qi is the Commander of circulating the blood. If the qi is weak, it will not generate and transform the blood. In other words, qi deficiency may give rise to blood deficiency and this may result in delayed, scanty, absent menstruation, or painful menstruation. If the qi is deficient, it may also not contain the blood within its vessels.

The qi moves the blood. If the qi moves, the blood moves. If the qi stops, the blood stops

Painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea is perhaps the most commonly encountered menstrual complaint.

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