Acupuncture for Back to School Stress

Back to school can be a bittersweet time for both parents and children. Kids are excited to see their friends from last year and parents are excited to have the kids back in a regular routine. The transition from Summer vacation to school can be a time filled with questions from will I like my new classmates to will I be able to keep up with the homework. Parents tend to worry about the same things, but even more. The first few days and weeks of transitioning can be emotionally brutal

The most common emotions to experience during this time are anxiety, frustration, and sadness. We begin to notice that our tolerance is low and emotions are sitting more on the surface. Commonly our sleep will be impacted and our responses to change are not our desired response.

The important thing to remember are the coping skill we have used that worked. Whether it be meditation, massage, Acupuncture, yoga, hiking, biking, fishing whatever helps us to better manage these challenging emotions during this time of transition. Eventually we begin to develop a routine and emotions begin to fall in place one way or another.

 In Chinese Medicine The Seven Emotions are anger, fear, shock, joy, pensiveness, worry and sadness. The organs Correlating to each emotion respectively are:

  • Anger-Liver

  • Fear-Kidneys

  • Shock-Heart/Kidneys

  • Joy-Heart

  • Pensiveness-Spleen

  • Worry-Lungs/Spleen

  • Sadness-Lungs

Seven emotions are from Student Manual on the Fundamentals of Traditional Oriental Medicine, By Tyme L.A.c

The effect of these organs being disturbed is circulation of blood and qi are disrupted in the body. When the blood and qi are unable to flow through the body normally dysfunction occurs. Symptoms which may arise are headaches, night sweating, palpitations, flushed face, dizziness, tinnitus, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and digestive issues.

The goal of Acupuncture is to help facilitate the proper movement of blood and qi through the organ systems of the body. When the blood and qi flow normally our mind and body become balanced. A balanced mind and body are better able to handle this time of transition. Whether it be driving in traffic, trying to get socks on your child, or trying to find clean socks we strive for our energy to flow smoothly and harmoniously.

The Acupuncturist role is to insert needles based on the patient’s presentation and chief complaint. The point prescription is established based on questions ranging from physical, mental, and body functionality. If areas are deficient or in excess points will be chosen to either strengthen or sedate the balance of energy. Once the energy is balanced the body and mind are able to relax.

Like so many things in life we need balance. Balance the checkbook, balance the kids education and extracurricular activities through their journey, and in order to do a good job at this we need to balance ourselves. Once we balance ourselves we are ready to balance whatever comes our way.